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Everything Matters Podcast

Bradford Speaks

Hosted by Bradford Speaks, Founder and Managing Director of BeLegendary.Coach, a Performance Coaching & Leadership Development company, The Everything Matters Podcast is about exactly what it says - EVERYTHING! No stones is left un-turned. What's missing in our modern world is the willingness to have touchy conversations around what really matters most in our life, and listening without judgement of the other person's point of view. Would you like to have a breakthrough in the way you currently perform in life - at work, in your relationships, or in business? What would it take, and what would it be like on the other side? Where do you find yourself continuously stopped in what you are out to accomplish in your life? Tune in - you just might discover a golden nugget that makes the difference for you. We intend to provide a space that is safe for all things to be brought up and discussed; a space where you can be yourself - open and free to express your individual point of view. Above all, it is a space where listeners can look at their own life and be honest with themself about the things they are really dealing with, and the miraculous breakthroughs that are available and possible, when created in the right intention and action is taken. See you on the inside - let's get it poppin'!